Who are You?

Speculative Fiction has always been my favorite genre. I started with Dr. Seuss, which lead to Poe and Hawthorne, and finally graduated to Dick, Heinlein, Asimov, Herbert, Lewis, Tolkein, Le Guin, and so many, many more.

The two enduring questions Speculative Fiction asks is, “What if?” and “Why not?”

While a teacher at Altus High School, I created a course entitled Speculative Fiction–one of the more popular literary elective courses. The course was discontinued after I left, along with its sister course Comparative Mythology.

My writing reflects my interest in the subjects I’ve taught for over three decades as a public school teacher. I’m retired from public teaching. Now I have the time to write all those stories I’ve been hoarding to myself for the past three decades.

And, I’m starting off with a bang. A story that is topical and pushes each of us to explore the question, “How do I define myself as a Human Being?”

Make sure to check out my backstories on my upcoming tale Popinjay, as well my thoughts on the craft of story creation.

Join my author page at LMG Swain–Make of Tales & Weaver of Dreams on Facebook.

Pull up to the Fast Food Fiction Cafe for some Comfort Reading for the Mind–stories suggested by ten random words dished up by ten readers, mixed together in under sixty minutes, and served up in 1,000 or less.

Check out my Popinjay page on Facebook.


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